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Previous Visiting Fellows

Professor Steve Ellner
Semester 2, 2013

Professor Ellner will be teaching the new 2013 History Course HIST2230 "Latin American: Conquest and Colonisation"  from second semester - and will also deliver a public lecture, casual lectures and research for ANCLAS.

Professor Steve Ellner’s academic interest centers on organized labor and political parties in Latin America and specifically Venezuela where he has lived and taught since 1975.
He earned his Ph.D. in Latin American history at the University of New Mexico in 1980. Since 1977 he has taught economic history and political science at the Universidad de Oriente in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela and for a ten year period taught in the graduate school of law and political science of the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He has also been a visiting professor at Georgetown University (2004), Duke University (2005), Universidad de los Andes (Venezuela, 2008) and Universidad de Buenos Aires (2010).

Among his book publications are: Venezuela's Movimiento al Socialismo: From Guerrilla Defeat to Electoral Politics (Duke University Press, 1988); Organized Labor in Venezuela, l958-l991: Behaviour and Concerns in a Democratic Setting (Scholarly Resources, l993); The Latin American Left: From the Fall of Allende to Perestroika (co-editor, 1993);  Rethinking Venezuelan Politics: Class, Polarization and the Chávez Phenomenon. (Lynne Rienner, 2008).
He has also published on the op-ed page of the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times as well as the Nation, and is a regular contributor to NACLA: Report on the Americas.

Professor Thomas Legler
Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City
Semester 2, 2013

Thomas Legler is a Professor of International Relations at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He has lived in Mexico for approximately eleven years. Previously he taught at Mount Allison University, the University of Victoria and the University of Toronto. A specialist on Latin American politics and development, he holds a doctorate in Political Science from York University. He is a member of the Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI), Level 2. Dr. Legler has an ongoing research interest in the international promotion and defense of democracy, comparative democratization, global and regional governance, and multilateralism in Latin America. He is the co-author of Intervention without Intervening? The OAS Defense and Promotion of Democracy in the Americas (Palgrave MacMillan 2006), co-editor of the edited volume Promoting Democracy in the Americas (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007), and co-editor of the textbook Introducción a las Relaciones Internacionales: América Latina y la Polítical Global (Oxford University Press, Mexico, 2013). His refereed publications have appeared in Democratization, Global Governance, International Journal, Journal of Democracy, Latin American Policy; Latin American Politics and Society, Politics and Policy, Pensamiento Propio, Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, América Latina Hoy, Canadian Foreign Policy, Hemisphere, as well as a numerous chapters in edited volumes. Outside of academe, he has served as an international election observer for the Carter Center, the Organization of American States, as well as various civic organizations in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela. In 2011, he was a consultant to the Honduran Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR).

Pablo Soler Frost
Semester 1, 2011

Pablo Soler is a Mexican novelist, poet and filmmaker.  A leading representative of the new wave of Mexican writers, he has published numerous books, short stories and works of poetry.  More recently he has become a film writer with a well-received feature film “Cuarenta días” (40 days) and a number of short films.


Professor Luiz Bernardo Pericás
FLACSO (Facultad Latino-Americana de Ciencias Sociales), Sede acadêmica do Brasil 
Semester 2, 2010



Professor Rodolfo Uribe Iniesta
Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Semester 1, 2010

Professor Rodolfo Uribe Iniesta has been a researcher in the Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México since 1997. Dr Uribe has spent 10 years in fieldwork looking at forms of ethnicity in modern Latin America – especially Mexico. As well as his academic career, he has been the Director of an indigenous radio station (La Voz de los Chontales) in the southeast of México.

Professor Alfredo Rehren
Instituto de Ciencia Politica, P. Universidad Católica de Chile
Semester 2, 2009

Professor Rehren teaches at the Instituto de Ciencia Politica, Universidad Catolica de Chile. His research interests include the politics of corruption, business and politics, public policymaking in Latin America, local politics, political representation and the role of presidential leadership in the consolidation of democracy in the Southern Cone. He has taught Latin American politics at the University of Otago, Georgetown University, Brown University, University of Connecticut, SUNY‐Plattsburgh, Universidad. 

Professor Consuelo Ahumada
Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia
Semester 1, 2009

Professor Ahumada is Director of the Program in Latin American Studies and of the Andean Observatory at the Javeriana University in Bogotà, Colombia. She has done research and published extensively on international, political and economic issues of the region. Her work and research interests are related to the fields of political economy and political science, with an emphasis on contemporary issues.

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