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Audio recordings

Title Artist Album Length
Assessing the Zapatista Anarchist Perspective and PRD Electoralism as Strategies for Resisting Neoliberalism in Mexico Rachel Evans Mexico Conference 22:37
Understanding the Current Narco-Violence in Mexico Rajeev Gundur Mexico Conference 14:45
The Effects of Drug-Trafficking Organizations on Mexican Sovereignty Rajeev Gundur AILASA Conference 24:33
"Would you like to spend the weekend in Havana?": The US, Carmen Miranda, and the Distortion of Latin America Ralph Newmark AILASA Conference 22:31
South of the border, Down Mexico Way: U.S. Soundscapes and the Distortion of Mexico Ralph Newmark Mexico Conference 25:34
Taming the Revolution and Starting a History War: A Comparative Study of School History Curriculum Reform Randall Shephard Mexico Conference 21:00
Journalism and Theories of Organized Crime in Colombia and Mexico Richard Hartwig and John Bailey AILASA Conference 35:10
Prescott's Two Conquests of Mexico (1519-1848): Colonial Epic History as Neo-Colonial Propaganda Roberto González Casanovas Mexico Conference 21:19
Revolutions and Social Changes in Mexico: The Passive Revolution Hypothesis Rodolfo Uribe Mexico Conference 26:29
Venezuelan processes of Transitional Justice: How far will Chávez be able to go? Rodrigo Acuña and Estela Valverde AILASA Conference 18:42
Ethnic resurgence in the Northeast of Brazil: Part 4 Stephen Baines ANCLAS Public Lecture Series 10:22
Ethnic Resurgence in the Northeast of Brazil: the Impact of an International Tourist Project on the Tremembe People Stephen Baines ANCLAS Public Lecture Series 15:56
Ethnic resurgence in the Northeast of Brazil: Part 2 Stephen Baines ANCLAS Public Lecture Series 13:55
Ethnic resurgence in the Northeast of Brazil: Part 3 Stephen Baines ANCLAS Public Lecture Series 15:04
Hydroelectic Schemes and Industrial Mining in the Brazilian Amazon: new strategies for exploiting Indigenous Lands Stephen G. Baines AILASA Conference 23:17
The Implications of Latin America's 'Pink Tide': A Threat to US Hegemony? Tom Chodor AILASA Conference 18:07
Economic Conditions in Chile and Middle Class Demobilisation (1984-85): A Relative Deprivation Approach Ulises Garcia AILASA Conference 27:01
Replanteando la violencia como sistémica: Hacia una interpretación materialista de la transfobia en México Vek Lewis Mexico Conference 20:57

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